Software Implementation Services

One implementation size does not fit all schools.

Software implementations would be simple if all schools operated the same way, but where’s the fun in that? From K–8 to 9–12 schools, our software specialists are well-versed in various organizational structures. We’ve worked with all of them. Schools grading by quarters, semesters, and trimesters. Admissions programs with cutoff dates and rolling calendars. Random and block schedules. Blackbaud’s K–12 experts understand the cause and effect of software configuration on a school’s workflow, enabling them to point out long-term implications during the initial decision-making process.

Our vast experience working with schools has led us to an important distinction in software implementations. There’s training: “Click here to add a photo.” And then there’s consulting: “Based on your school’s courses and block system, the schedule is best configured like this.”

Training and consulting are both offered with multiple service levels to meet your school’s specialized software use. In short, learn what you need to know now, save what you don’t for later. This awareness is how we cultivate success.



We were thrilled with the professional services trainer that provided three days of custom training for the “ON” products. He was impressive not only because of his command of the tools, but he is a problem solver. He went beyond simply explaining how the tools worked, he described different ways to approach any given problem, and he made the pros and cons of each approach very clear. All too often, technology trainers know how a tool works without understanding what the tool will be used for – this was not the case with the trainer as he provided examples that were based on experience and resonated with his students.

– Bruce Strothenke, Chief Technology Officer at St. Luke’s School