SEO and Web Strategy Services for Schools

Why SEO? Because your school’s website is not a field of dreams.

Yes, private school websites can boost admission inquiries and strengthen yield, but this will not occur without cultivation. The seeds of success take root with an appealing design and grow to fruition through proper tending of navigation, content, and search engine optimization (SEO).

Blackbaud K–12’s experienced digital marketing consultants will teach your school to make smart navigation decisions for better usability and search optimization. They’ll also help your school weed out unnecessary content and showcase its best selling points. Add SEO services to expand your candidate funnel and training to understand the key performance indicators that signify success.



Blackbaud K–12’s SEO services have been created specifically for private schools by striking a balance amongst the various factors influencing search results. Start with our comprehensive SEO audit to learn where your school ranks for each factor and how to grow its search footprint. Add optimization services to ensure your site’s key pages are getting top results, and attend SEO training to foster continuous improvement.



Whether your school needs a simple best practice review or a serious new strategy requiring usability testing, we can help. After working on hundreds and hundreds of school websites, creating effective navigation is second nature for our team. We infuse our SEO know-how into navigation recommendations for optimal results.



What is content population? It occurs when our K–12 team builds website pages using content provided by your school. Using this service can hasten the development process and provide a blueprint for new pages. 



Is your school’s website meeting performance standards? Understanding website metrics is crucial to making smart navigation and content decisions, but we all know Google Analytics can be intimidating for those new to performance measurement. Our beginner workshops teach private school attendees the basics of Google Analytics from account administration to understanding KPIs and their significance.


After months of working on a website redesign, the last thing anyone wants is a surprise on launch day. Fear not! Our team’s launch checklist will prevent broken links or unforeseen issues, ensuring a smooth transition with minimal impact on search results and referrals.

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