“ON” for Small Schools

A Student Management System Created for Lower Enrollment Schools.

Blackbaud “ON” for Small Schools provides a world-class online experience for families while simplifying internal processes and management for administrators. With fewer resources available, small schools need an easy way to manage student data, communicate with families, and operate efficiently—all without a large staff to maintain multiple systems.

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Perfect for the school looking to:

Deliver an exceptional experience to families.

With one central login, parents can access everything they need in an easy-to-use, always up-to-date interface without having to remember multiple logins and passwords. Responsive design means that everything in the portal is accessible on any device.


Limit manual data entry while keeping student and parent data consistent and up-to-date.

True integration means that information is updated across the system in real-time. No need to shuffle data between different products if changes are made or update gradebooks in multiple places. With limited staff time and resources, you have more important things to deal with.

Make better, informed decisions with data shared across departments.

When your data is all in one system, you can see the full picture of your school and students while feeling confident your reports are up to date and accurate.  Make decisions from a place of knowledge instead of uncertainty.


Decrease costs of managing IT infrastructure and multiple IT vendors.

Managing multiple systems is time consuming, risky and expensive for small schools.  When you have one system to run the operations at the school you don’t have to worry about manually keeping data in sync, fixing integration issues that come up or using different support teams for each product vendor.  We keep it simple with the power of one.

Blackbaud “ON” for Small Schools gives you the power of the “ON”
products, engineered for small schools at an affordable price.

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