Extend the "ON" Products with our Partner Program.

When companies work together to provide better solutions for their clients, everyone wins. As part of the Blackbaud Partner Network, K-12 partners develop integrations to extend the “ON” Products and provide schools with more flexibility and choice.

Meet our Partners.

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Interested in integrating your product or solution with Blackbaud products? As a Blackbaud Technology Partner, you can provide the sector with applications and solutions that complement Blackbaud products and extend their functionality in new ways. Through our partnership, we’ll test your technology to validate and promote its compatibility with our products.

“The Blackbaud and Magnus Health partnership has been highly valuable for our mutual clients. It allows for seamless data integration and single sign-on for users. Both companies value client relationships, and as such, provide the highest level of support to their customers. Blackbaud and Magnus Health works side by side to ensure the success of our clients, and continuously communicate about future endeavors in order to provide the best possible customer experience.”

Brian Biddulph-Krentar

Chief Executive Officer, Magnus Health

“Integrating with Blackbaud’s “ON” Products helps our schools seamlessly share photos both privately and publicly. Whether it’s logging in via the SSO or embedding a set of photos hosted in Vidigami on a school’s website, the Blackbaud Partner Program sets schools up to successfully share their school memories with their community.”

Mandy Chan

Founder & CEO, Vidigami - the place for school memories

“Being able to integrate BrightArrow with the “ON” Products provides schools with a real-time data connection to ALL contacts and custom fields for all your mass notifications (voice, text, email). BrightArrow dramatically expands your communication options beyond just emergency notifications by allowing you to target your messages based on grade, staff roles or any onRecord custom fields.”

Joe Squillacioti

Director of Sales, BrightArrow Technologies

“Blackbaud’s ON API is a win-win for schools. It allows schools to take advantage of Blackbaud’s “ON” products while giving them access to complimentary applications like SimplyAfterschool – at the touch of a button.”

Gary Tuch,


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