We've been dedicated to private schools for more than 35 years.

Helping schools achieve their goals and mission with one solution for school data.

At Blackbaud, we understand the challenges private schools face today and are uniquely positioned to deliver a school a future when—at any given moment—a student can be checking homework assignments, donors can be making gifts online, teachers can be logging grades, parents can be paying their bills, school staff can be performing an array of administrative functions with ease, and so much more—all from within one modern, cloud-based, fully connected system.

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Travis Warren Shares What it Means to be Connected

It’s no secret that parents, students, teachers, and school administrators expect more from the online school experience. We’re all living very satisfying online experiences in other parts of our lives from buying books and music to depositing checks with our mobile devices. Why would we expect anything different when it comes to interacting with our schools?

Many schools have tried to meet this need by piecing together a mosaic of solutions relying on multiple vendors with loose, file-based integrations, think import/export. It’s a great idea, but it falls short on delivery.

That is until now. Blackbaud K-12 provides private schools with a whole school connected software platform that meets the needs of your community and all of the core offices on your campus.

I invite you learn more about our private school solutions.